Standard & Custom Flashing Manufacturing.

SS Profiling supplies a full range of flashing's manufactured to customers specifications. All flashings can be manufactured in a wide variety of materials including Pre-Painted, Galvanised & Aluzink

and in standard 3 meter lengths. 

Material thicknesses range from 0.18mm to 0.8mm.

Standard & Custom Flashing Manufacturing.
Sidewall Flashing
Ridge Cap
Gable Trim
Apex Flashing
External Corner Trim
Internal Corner Trim
Counter Flashing
Drip Flashing
Cill Flashing
Headwall Flashing
Jamb Flashing
Valley Flash
Jamb Flash (open)

Standard flashings girths are as follows:

130mm - 154mm - 185mm - 231mm - 308mm - 385mm - 462mm - 540mm - 616mm - 740mm - 925mm

We also manufacture custom non-standard flashing's to suit specific requirements, call us with any

questions you may have.

Pre-Painted Colour Chart

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